Posted by Wes Brooks on Aug 21, 2018

Oak Grove High School Community-Based Classroom


  • Ashley Forman, Teacher—has a Masters Degree in Special Education, has been employed at Lamar County for 5 years, is currently completing her Doctorate 
  • Jennie Bounds, Assistant—has been employed at Lamar County for 12 years, 6 in the Community Based Classroom
  • Jennifer Carter, Assistant—currently studying to get her teaching certification in Special Education 

Our students range in age from 15-21 years. We focus on life skills that they can use if they ever find themselves living semi-independently as an adult. These skills include counting money, ordering off a menu, grocery shopping, washing clothes, asking for and following directions. The ultimate goal is to bring about the fullest quality of life by equipping them with the skills required to hold a job if that is their desire. In doing so, we feel that it is vitally important to acclimate them in public situations to act independently and ask for help if necessary. It is equally important to educate the general public, when given the opportunity, about our students’ strengths and attributes. Knowledge and acceptance are paramount for the highest quality of life.