Kelsey Land Steffens is the founder and president of Give & Take Kitchen Foundation, a new Hattiesburg non-profit. Its mission is to operate as a food and nutrition resource for the community, specifically aiming to alleviate the devastating consequences of hunger and food insecurity on the education, health, and future opportunities of children.
Kelsey is a Hattiesburg native and president of her family's land and timber management company, Melvin Forest Management. Prior to taking on this role, she worked in the Procurement department at Georgia-Pacific.
She has a Master's in Business Administration with a specialization in Supply Chain and Operations Management from the University of Alabama, where she also received her Bachelor's degree in Finance in 2011.
After living in Birmingham post graduate school, Kelsey and her husband Blaine returned to Hattiesburg where they live with their two-year-old daughter, Audrey and their beagle mix, Lola.