Let’s be honest…2020 needs a do-over.
This proposed effort is for individual Rotarians to Reclaim 2020 and engage in Service Above Self.
Positive energy is contagious, success breeds success, and Rotarians are People Of Action
This is a great OPPORTUNITY to showcase engaged Rotarians = enhanced public image
=more People of Action doing more service
The attached flier lays out D6840's ROTARY RECLAIMS 2020 Initiative
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First and foremost, there is the tremendous impact of individual Rotarians engaging in 20 Acts of Service in the 20 remaining weeks of 2020. 
There is also a bit of a contest
and a great deal of opportunity for branding
and media coverage
and fun
and creative thinking
and friendly competitions
and bragging rights
and prizes
and how good you will feel having reclaimed 2020 as a time of service and engaging with Rotary and your community
HOW TO  DO 20 ACTS OF SERVICE IN THE NEXT 20 WEEKS (in case COVID slowed you down):
Service can be simple and Rotarians are really good at it.  Any Club, Community, Youth, Vocational, or International Service that fits your style and interests in keeping with Rotary’s core values counts.  Helping the Boy Scouts?  Wear your Rotary shirt.  Take a picture.  Calling bingo for the assisted living center? Wear your Rotary hat.  Take a picture.  Donating blood?  Wear your Rotary mask. Take a picture.  Attending RLI?  Take a screenshot.  Are you making a donation to a club project?  Tell us about it in a slide…with a Rotary logo…  a sample calendar with ideas to help you get started is on the next page.
More than 20 Acts of Service!  Challenge your fellow club members to participate.  Challenge your Interactors. Challenge your closest Rotary Club.  Have a friend who is a Rotarian in another district? Another state? Another country? Challenge him or her and send in those pictures, too!  Do it in public. Do it on social media…just do the 20 Acts of service.  #PeopleOfAction #Rotary6840 #RotaryReclaims2020 #ServiceAboveSelf