Canopy Children's Solutions
Feb 14, 2023
Elliot Brown
Canopy Children's Solutions

Elliott M. Brown is a licensed professional counselor who has worked at Canopy Children’s Solutions, a nonprofit children’s mental health organization, for the past six years. During that time, he has served as a supervisor of therapeutic foster care services.


A native of Chattahoochee, FL, Elliott arrived in Hattiesburg in 1998 in order to pursue a graduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. After graduating in 2001 with his master’s degree in counseling psychology, he remained in Mississippi to work at multiple agencies with a variety of populations: adults, children, severely mentally ill, developmentally disabled, soldiers, veterans and college students. 


Elliott currently lives in Collins and has a fourteen-year-old daughter named Sophia. He moved his mother, Mary Brown, out to Hattiesburg two and a half years ago to be closer to him. His interests include travelling, trivia (Jeopardy), dogs, computers and environmental conservation.