Mark is from Mendenhall AND Rheba from Biloxi. They have been married for 38.5 years and reside here in Bent Creek West Subdivision. Mark has a BS in Marketing from USM, 1974. Rheba has a BS in Economics from LSU, 1979.
Mark spent 5 years with Fine Bros-Matison here in Hattiesburg while attending college—the last 3 years, he was the Store Manager of Fines at Cloverleaf & Buyer for all of Fine’s Menswear. Joining Dillard’s early in 1976. Mark spent 42 years with the company in capacities of Buyer, Store Manager, Divisional Merchandise Manager and the last 30 years as Vice-President of Ladies & Children’s Apparel. Rheba spent her early years after college as a Stock Trader for both Liberty Bank in Oklahoma City, Ok & Stephen’s Inc in Little Rock, AR. In 1987 after the birth of their 2nd daughter, Rheba became CEO of the KILLINGSWORTH household & maintains that position. They have lived in 5 states with Dillard’s over the years & retired this year back to their home state of Mississippi.
They raised 2 daughters, Lindsey and Meredith. Lindsey graduated USM in 2007 & works for the Hattiesburg Clinic. Meredith has been a heroin addict for 14 years. Her son Jaden was born in 2008. Shortly after, she resumed her addiction. Rheba & Mark raised Jaden from birth, became his legal guardian at 6 months adopting him in 2011 at age 3.Rheba & Mark are active Members of Heritage United Methodists Church.
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