Posted by Wes Brooks on Jul 10, 2018
Kathy Goss is a native of Forrest County and obtained Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi.  She lived in Louisiana for years, where she worked in public education and the mental health field.  She returned to live in rural Forrest County after retirement.  She was interested in learning more about her family's history, and had more time for research in retirement.  Her research brought her into contact with the South Mississippi Genealogical & Historical Society, and she enjoyed the interesting and informative meetings and learning sessions.  She's now the Vice-President of the Society and is responsible for scheduling topics for the monthly meeting.  She enjoys meeting people who are interested in researching their families and volunteers in the Genealogy Library regularly to help others in their research.  She'll give a presentation on genealogy and the South Mississippi Genealogical & Historical Society.