Posted by Wes Brooks on Jan 08, 2019


Husband and wife team, Justin and Amie Nunez, stand behind the curtain of Groove House, a business that provides private music education to all ages in Hattiesburg, MS and the surrounding areas. Groove House was born out of the idea that musical education absolutely needs to be rooted in strong theory and technique, regardless of your instrument; but it needs to be equally balanced with Nunez AmieHusband and wife team Justin and freedom to play any style.  Justin states, “the driving force behind Groove House is the goal of creating musicians. Being a musician requires being creative, flexible, and skilled. With Groove House, we have created an environment where anyone can have fun learning to play music that they love.”


With a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Industry Production and over 15 years of performance experience, Amie Nunez teaches piano lessons and offers vocal coaching. "It's so important to me that each student really finds a style they connect with. I spend a lot of time with my students listening to throwbacks and modern music, from genre to genre, to open their ears up to styles they might have never heard before." -Amie

Justin Nunez teaches acoustic and electric guitar, electric and upright bass, mandolin, and banjo. "With over one decade of experience in teaching music lessons, I've found that the best way to teach people how to play music is to teach them music they listen to. I offer personalized music lessons for people who love and want to play music. Playing music is fun. Learning to play music should be fun." -Justin