A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry with Minors in Forensics and Biology, Dameon C. Hutto began public service in the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences as a Drug Chemist in 1997. As part of his duties, Dameon attended the Southwest Alabama Police Academy and became a sworn state law enforcement Officer in 1998. Dameon was responsible for the analysis of evidence for the presence of controlled substances and served as the Safety Chemist/Officer on regional federal, state, and local Clandestine Laboratory Law Enforcement Teams.

Dameon entered on duty with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in April 2003. Upon graduation from the FBI Academy, he was assigned to the Memphis Field Office where he worked Violent Crime/Gangs as a member of the Safe Streets Task Force (SSTF). Additionally, he was a member of the Memphis Evidence Response Team (ERT).

In 2006, Dameon transferred to the FBI’s Miami Field Office and was assigned to the South Florida Gang & Criminal Organization Task Force, a designated High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area squad, where he continued work in the Violent Crimes Major Offender/Gangs program. Dameon also served on the Miami ERT and was a founding member of the Miami ERT Maritime Specialty Team and assisted in the development of training and safety procedures.

In 2012, Dameon was selected as a Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) within FBI Headquarters (FBI HQ) for the Criminal Investigative Division (CID), Violent Criminal Threat Section, Safe Streets, and Gang Unit (SSGU). As an SSA in SSGU, Dameon was the regional program manager for the South-Central Region, was responsible for task force performance measurement and community impact assessments for all FBI Safe Streets Gang Task Forces nationally, and was involved in the revision of the FBI’s Gang and Criminal Enterprise Investigative Policy.

In 2013, Dameon was selected to serve as a Field SSA in the FBI New Orleans Field Office (NO) for a Public Corruption (PC) Squad, where he was responsible for Law enforcement, Federal & Judicial Corruption threats, as well as Fraud Against the Government. Dameon became the PC Program Coordinator, Undercover Coordinator, and Tactical Operations Center (TOC) Coordinator for the NO Division.

In 2018, Dameon was promoted to FBI HQ, CID as the Public Corruption Unit Chief within the Public Corruption & Civil Rights Section, where he was responsible for operational, administrative, policy, and financial oversight of the FBI’s Public Corruption, Fraud Against the Government and Environmental Crimes threats.

In February 2020, Dameon was named the Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) of the FBI Denver Field Office for the Criminal Branch having oversight of Denver’s Criminal Programs to include Violent Crimes-Major Offenders/Gangs, SSTF, Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces, Complex Financial Crimes, Healthcare Fraud, Public Corruption, Civil Rights, Environmental Crime, Fraud Against the Government, and the Crisis Response Program.

In October 2021, following a series of several critical incidents, FBI Denver Field Office created the Crisis Management and Operational Services Branch.  Dameon was asked to lead this newly formed branch which includes Crisis Management, SWAT, ERT, TOC, Special Agent Bomb Techs, Crisis Negotiators, Firearms and Defensive Tactics, Training, Undercover Program, Ground and Aerial Surveillance Operations, the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory, Victims Services, Employee Assistance Programs, and Agent and Professional Staff Recruitment.