Dr. Holloway is an Assistant Teaching Professor at The University of Southern Mississippi with over 14 years of teaching at the collegiate level. She has taught numerous courses at various levels in areas such as cardiac, respiratory, neurologic, psychiatric, and community health nursing education. Dr. Holloway has practiced full- and part-time as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) for nine years and currently serves as faculty for PMHNP students at USM. Additionally, she practices part-time as a PMHNP with Centurion Mississippi Department of Corrections.
Dr. Holloway has also served in management and administrative capacities in clinical and academic nursing settings. She has participated in various roles, including chairperson on nursing, committees including, but not limited to, curriculum, faculty development, student retention, and remediation, simulation, process education—learning-to-learn camp, and behavioral intervention teams (BIT). She has an unwavering passion for all things mental health and prides herself on being an advocate, champion, and educator for individuals with mental health concerns.
Dr. Holloway has been married to her husband Robert for 34 years and they have two adult children-Chad (Anne) and Allyson and one amazing granddaughter (Keira). Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and most of all spending time with family.