Posted by Wes Brooks on Jan 28, 2019


Our own Michael Michael McPhail is a graduate of Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. During his undergraduate tenure, Michael was active as an ambassador at the university’s career center and as a leader in a collegiate ministry. Following college, he was hired on as an officer and lender for a bank in South Mississippi, where he resides today. Michael is an avid reader, a fitness buff, and a committed outdoorsman. He has explored substantially within the North American National Park System and has traveled much of the Continental Divide Trail.
Michael's primary interests lie in thought-provoking literature, podcasts, adventures, and all avenues that promote growth as a man. During 2018, McPhail competitively raced and sought to complete the 1,000-mile challenge. In addition, traveled to 41/50 of the states, co-founder of and finished the 1,000-mile challenge in 2018. My running goals for 2019 include: running a 100k, 50-mile ultra and the ever elusive 100-mile full ultra.