At first glance, Brett’s career has spanned a wide range of experiences and industries. But if you look closely, you will see it has been consistently marked by service. 

A year abroad in Spain unlocked a curiosity and empathy in him for other cultures and people different from himself that has continued to impact his life and work to this day. After earning degrees in Spanish and International Development from the University of Southern Mississippi, Brett worked in Community Development with the Peace Corps in South America, followed by work in training management and human resources upon his return to the United States. 

The catalyst for Brett’s interest in drug reform came by way of two very different experiences. The first is the impact opioid use disorder has had on his close relative who has been in more than a decade-long battle with opioid addiction and is now in recovery. 

The second experience came during his time in human resources. After recruiting a great fit candidate for a position at the company, he was prohibited from hiring him because the applicant had a felony drug possession charge in his past. From Brett’s perspective, the applicant lost and the company lost that day. 

Those experiences launched Brett into volunteer advocacy work that landed him at an End It For Good community discussion. As they say, the rest is history.

As the CEO at End It For Good, he has returned to full-time humanitarian work as he and his teamwork to help the people of Mississippi consider how current drug laws adversely impact individuals, families, businesses, communities, and law enforcement, alike. 

Brett has always had a passion for helping people and has a deep curiosity for traveling and experiencing the culture, art, and food of countries in places like Europe and South America. Brett is a 6th generation Mississippian and a 5th generation Hattiesburger. In his free time, you will find Brett either volunteering at community events in downtown Hattiesburg, bike-riding the Longleaf Trace, or hanging out with friends and family. Contact at