Posted on Sep 07, 2018
President Jamie Mitchell presided over the meeting. He reminded members that Denny Bubrig has shirts and hats available. Denny noted that anyone who ordered apparel in the first order will need to pick the order up within the next week or two or the products will go back into inventory. The second order should be available within the next week or so.
Mark Killingsworth gave today’s invocation. Shane Germany led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Thanks to Jamie Mitchell and Mark Killingsworth who served as our greeters today.
Brandon Hodges thanked Mark Killingsworth for his service to Rotary.  Mark has been volunteering for meeting service and the Meals on Wheels project at least twice a month. Brandon then introduced A.D. Hunt, a visiting Rotarian from the Sunrise Club.
Shane Germany then introduced today’s guest speaker. Mike Pruitt is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers as a Certified Energy Manager and works for Mississippi Power.
Our thanks to Mike Pruitt (on right) from Mississippi Power Co. for providing our program.
Mike is pictured with Club President, Jamey Mitchell.
Mike explained that when a hurricane is headed to Forrest County, they will dispatch crews from all over to head to the area that is expected to be hit.
There are 17 crews of 17 individuals and 40 tree trimmers coming in to stay in Hattiesburg for Hurricane Gordon.  MS Power will pay for these crew’s lodging and food as well as paying them for their time.  The damage assessment will be done first thing in the morning, then crews will head to the area in need.
There are a lot of things changing in the utilities business.  MS Power is bringing new ways to bring efficiency to homes and business.
One way is with “Smart Cars”.  Mike says after driving a Nissan Leaf (on loan for 1 year by Nissan North America) the car performed great.  It has a hundred-mile range.
The Global electric vehicle motor market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.79 % during the period 2018-2022.  They have zero emissions, they are sustainable and reliable. The choices for Electric Cars are increasing.  With Nissan, Toyota and Tesla leading the way.
The electric range is increasing, and fast charging is now available.  The electricity is inexpensive, convenient and has a stable price.
Another concept they are working on is with the City of Gulfport and the MS Aquarium.  They are creating a “Smart City.”   Smart cities are designed to improve efficiency and quality of life through data and technology.  Statist report that global smart city spending will reach $34.35 billion, more than double the 2015 spending of $14.85 billion.
A Hundred Million Dollar investment with the new MS Aquarium on Highway 90 in Gulfport will have a parking location complete with electric charging sites and the Coast Transportation Parking Garage will share office space, a rest area and a concession area.  The area around the aquarium is already booming, with demolition of the former Markham Hotel underway and construction under way at Centennial Plaza, at Patio 44, and with a new Hyatt Hotel.
All light poles will have a feature that offers different lighting, flood lighting surveillance cameras and speakers.  The power company will be replacing old high-pressure sodium lights with LED lights that are more energy efficient and last longer.
The IoT Lighting Control Systems reduces energy consumption, carbon emissions and maintenance costs while providing a safe environment for patrons with smart sensing technology and real-time data. Lighting control systems serve as a smart foundation for the development of a smart city with things like air quality, smart waste and mobility solutions.
Ways to Save, Energy Solutions for Your Home
Storm and Outage Center
More information about electric vehicles: Global-Electric-Vehicle-Motor-Market-2018-2022-Power
For more information on the MS Aquarium, please visit:
With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Jamey with our motto, “Service Above Self.”