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President Jaclyn Adams presided over the meeting. Thanks to Ryan Kelly who gave the invocation and to Brian Moore who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Mary Cromartie and Lucy Parkman served as our greeter today.
Tracie Fowler introduced today’s guests. Marie Speed, Brad Stinson and Lee Gill are quests of Bill McLeod.  Mary Padrin is a quest of Dr. Akinwale.  Robert Harrison is a visiting Rotarian from Gulfport.
Lynn Walton was invited to share her three minutes of awesome. She is very fortunate to have a wonderful and “Awesome” family.  She is very close to her mother and husband.  She was single for a long time and prayed that God would send her someone worthy and that would just love her for her.  And boy did he show out.  He husband is just wonderful.  
She has a granddaughter that is 13 years old and has a beautify singing voice. Another granddaughter named Adison is in the 5th grade and is a softball player.  She broke her arm in the same place twice.  The other day her and her dad were outside throwing the ball and the ball hit her in the nose and broke her nose.  Another granddaughter, Harper wants to be in the Olympics.   Lynn’s son married a woman with 2 children and she inherited 2 more grandchildren.  Their family has blended together so well.  
Jaclyn announced that Paula Brahan was spotted in a photo with a sloth at the Hattiesburg Zoo. And Brandon Hodges made the announcement that he and his wife are expecting his first child.  A round of applause and congratulations came from everyone.  
Jaclyn then thanked the Bike-a -Thon committee for all their hard work this year.  Sean Priebe will be available after the meeting to discuss the details for all the volunteers.  Sean gave a special shout out to Johnathon Shemper.  He told everyone if we see Johnathon to make sure and thank him.  He has been running around all week gathering up last minute donations and registrations.
Maura then announced that she is still looking for volunteers for the Christian Service Meals on Wheels Rotary project. They meet every Wednesday, and it usually takes only an hour.
Ryan Kelly reminded members that he still needs volunteers to take on some of the program responsibilities for the coming year. Anyone interested should see Ryan soon.
Bill MacLauchlan then introduced todays guest speaker, William “Billy” Redd. Billy is the founder and CEO of the Foundation for MS Wildlife Program. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP) was established in 1993. The Department was established to assist in protecting and preserving our wildlife heritage.
The mission of the Mississippi Wildlife Fisheries and Parks Foundation is to increase the state’s efforts to ensure the conservation and enhancement of our fish and wildlife resources so they survive and thrive for current and future generations. The Foundation is the only outdoor organization that directly supports the MDWFP, which has the primary responsibility for hunting, fishing, shooting sports and conservation in the state.
Various wildlife and educational projects are made possible because of the Foundation’s financial support. They also help fund many additional programs that are not directly associated with the MDWFP.
Some of the projects funded by the MSWFP are:
Archery in Mississippi Schools.
Each year, there are over 60,000 student athletes go through the AIMS program. Children that may have never been physically fit to participate in other sports are now involved in daily activities that will benefit their health and wellbeing later in life.
Black Bear Research
They identify the areas of black bear habitat use and probable sites for breeding. The will continue to mark and monitor this population as necessary to ensure long-term viability of this small, but growing population.
Fire on the Forty
Controlled burning fires are applied to the land in a careful and controlled manner to help encourage the growth of beneficial forage and grasses, reduce coverage of less desirable trees and shrubs, and decrease the potential for destructive wildfires by reducing fuel loads.  
Scholarship Program
The Foundation will award four (4) scholarships each year for $3,000.00 each. These scholarships will be awarded to four students who want to earn a major or minor degree in any field of study that relates to wildlife, fisheries, parks and wildlife law enforcement.
Donations are always in need.  Some of the ways you can donate are:
• You can give gifts of appreciated stock
Foundation for Mississippi Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.
• Planned Giving
• Online Donations
For more information, please visit the website:
Online donation
Or you can contact Billy Redd anytime at: 769-243-7291/