Posted on Sep 23, 2018
President Jamie Mitchell presided over the meeting.
Gene Owens gave today’s invocation. Mark Killingsworth led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Thanks to Evan Dillard and Mark Killingsworth who served as our greeters today.
Brandon Hodges thanked Wes Brooks for filling in for him last week. He noted that we have no visiting Rotarians and no visitors today.
Denny Bubrig noted that he has the new shirt and hat order in. Those who ordered should get with him today and pick their attire up. He also noted that several members who ordered previously have not yet collected their hats and shirts. Those will be placed back in inventory for resale if not picked up within the next week or so.
L-R: Evan Dillard, Millie Swan, Jamey Mitchell, and Dr. Duncan Donald.
Jamie reminded members to sign up for the Meals on Wheels delivery project. Two volunteers are needed each Thursday from 11 a.m. until noon. He also noted that Michaela Harper’s membership application has been approved and plans are to induct her into the club next week.
Evan Dillard then introduced one of out two speakers today. Millie Swan is a vice president for Forrest Health. She oversees the medical staff services, marketing and communications along with a number of other duties. She has with her Michelle Stanley who assists her with day to day operations.
Millie says the focus at Forrest General is the patient experience. They strive to do the best for the patient. She noted that patient care has changed dramatically over recent years. The goal today is a more personalized and more individualized patient care plan. She mentioned the IRIS service which is available free of charge. Patients can manage many of their health care needs electronically including making doctor appointments, getting prescriptions refilled and monitoring lab results. A new discharge pharmacy is now available at the hospital. Patients who are being discharged can take their prescriptions home with them rather than having to go to a drug store and wait for the prescriptions to be filled. They have also added an engagement center and are now offering pet therapy.
Beginning in the near future will be the addition of an Ambassador Program. Interns will work throughout the hospital assisting patients and visitors with navigation. A new wayfinding program will be in place soon. The wayfinding program will provide improved signage that can assist in navigating the facility.
A new Healing Garden will be added to the Cancer Treatment Facility. Millie notes that 1,387 new cancer cases were recorded in 2017. The three leading cancers remain lung, prostate and breast.
The Healing Garden will offer a plaza area for groups to use. It will also feature walkways, benches, signs and an info podium. Campers at Camp Blue Bird have made a number of bird condos that will be added to garden. The hope is that the garden will give patients undergoing cancer treatments a way to relax and restore their senses.
Millie then introduced Dr. Duncan Donald. Dr. Donald is the Director of Trauma Services at Forrest General. The hospital is now a level 2 trauma center. There are only three in the state. The trauma center has six surgeons which means there is a trauma surgeon at the hospital at all times. Dr. Donald says that 80% of the time the trauma team is waiting on a patient when they present. The team is complete with emergency room doctors, surgeons, and other specialists all available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
The State of Mississippi established a trauma system of care several years ago. Level four centers have the responsibility of stabilizing the patient and getting them to the care they need. Level three centers offer additional services to treat the patient. A level two center is a complete and active trauma center. Level one centers are also complete and active centers with the addition of education and research programs.
Dr. Donald says that although the trauma center is there and ready for you when needed, he hopes to never see any of us in the center. To help stay away from their services he suggests that you always wear your seat belts, always obey speed limits and wear a helmet when operating an ATV.  He also encouraged deer hunters to use a safety harness when they are in the deer stand.
He noted that the entire hospital participates in training drills on a regular basis. Those drills include responding to a plane crash with multiple patients, active shooter drills and a variety of other such scenarios.
Jamie thanked today’s speakers and adjourned the meeting with your motto, service above self.