Posted on Oct 08, 2019
Many thanks to our guest, Grace Kent, from Creative Bread for providing our program on Tuesday. L-R: Allen Anderson, Grace Kent, and Mark Killingsworth.
Mark Killingsworth presided over today’s meeting in the absence of Steve Utroska. Gene Owens provided today’s invocation and Joe Meador led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mark Killingsworth served as our greeter today.
Mike McPhail announced that we did not have any greeters signed up for today, but as usual Mark Killingsworth stepped up to be our greeter.  He asked that more people volunteer.
Alan Anderson introduced today’s guest speakers, Grace Kent Johnson.  Grace is Co-founder and Senior Director of Creative Bread. Creative Bread works with communities, developers and businesses looking for a holistic approach to unity and healthy growth.
She believes helping people and places find their purpose is powerful. She broke down the strategies they practice.
Economic Development
This is key in creating lasting economic growth and quality of life for all. Her organization work with communities of all sizes to create personally crafted, long-term strategies to improve internal relations, increase industry and tourism revenues, create valuable community programs, and promote a healthy culture and better way of life for each community.
For any brand to succeed, it is crucial to understand what makes it unique and why it exists. Everything boils down to purpose and identity, and these things are essential to connecting with your audience, in a meaningful way and creating a reputation that will stand the test of time.
Creative Bread believes in keeping a message true, consistent, and authentic in all that it touches. No stock designs or recycled templates, but tailored, intentional creativity that tells a story and connects it with those who need it most. Some of these methods include print design, marketing, social media, and media development.
Because technology continues to advance, our way of life speeds up every day, so for a brand to succeed, it’s important to meet an audience where they are – online. Creative Bread develops, builds, and manages digital platforms that target an audience, specifically web design, digital marketing, app + technology development, social media and more.
From traditional print and tv spots to digital marketing, her organization creates extensive marketing strategies and campaigns to suit the needs of a brand. They use billboard design, print ad design, digital marketing design, social media creative, and marketing campaign strategies
Some of the Creative Bread clients are Bellegrass, William Carey University, FirstBank, and more.
Remember their motto: Growth isn’t determined by fate, but by intentional design.  If you would like more information, please visit
Mark Killingsworth then reported that the annual fundraising event will be bingo and it will be held at the Jackie Dole Community Center on Tuesday, February 4th from 6-9 pm.  Tickets are $25 each and are available online.  We still need a DJ or caller to host.  He encouraged everyone to get at least 4 people to come.  It would be nice to have 150 or more attend.  He also asked that we try and have 18-20 prizes valued at $100 or more for the winners of the game and smaller things and gift baskets to bid on.
Katie Anthony said she is still trying to get estimates for food costs.  There will be a cash bar consisting of beer and wine, with cokes and water being donated.
Mark also reminded everyone of the lunch on October 15th which will be held at the new Holiday Inn on Hwy 49.  This will be a trial run to see how we like the facility.
With no other business, Mark then thanked those who attended today and adjourned the meeting with our motto, Service Above Self.