Mallory Donald presided over the meeting. Anthony Harris provided the opening prayer.  Freddy Walter then led the Club in the Pledge of Allegiance. Mallory then let the club in the Four Way Test. The meeting was held at the Mugshots Bar and Grill in Hattiesburg. 
Mallory reported that a Rotary District Leadership Training seminar is scheduled for June 10th. You can register for the seminar on the district’s website.
Mallory reminded members of the upcoming wine tasting and silent auction. The event is scheduled for the Canebrake clubhouse on June 1st. All members are expected to purchase or sell four $25 tickets for the event and to provide at least one item for the silent auction. A sponsorship package was distributed, and members were encouraged to sign up for one of the sponsorship packages.
Annie Jackson was today’s guest speaker. Dr. Jackson is the LINK Program Supervisor for Canopy Children’s Solutions. Canopy finds homes for children in need of adoption.
Annie says any event that interrupts you causes some level of trauma. Most people have trauma, but we all react to the trauma differently. When you are faced with a traumatic event and don’t get help, it may lead to future medical health problems. 
If you encounter someone suffering from trauma, don’t ask them “what is wrong with you?” Rather ask what happened and how you can help. After posing the questions, Annie says your responsibility is to listen. Most people just need a chance to talk about their trauma. 
Annie’s suggestion to club members is to pull back from the things you get caught up in and enjoy your family and children. Be aware of your needs and find a good balance between work and play.
There being no further business to come before the club, Mallory thanked Annie and then adjourned the meeting with our motto: “Service Above Self.”