Posted on May 19, 2017
Hattiesburg Club President, Jaclyn Adams, and our speaker last week, Tony Smith.
President Jaclyn Adams presided over the meeting and thanked Paula for sitting in for her last week. Thanks to Scott Hummel who gave the invocation and to Bill MacLauchlan who led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Thanks also to Paula Brahan and Gene Owens who served as our greeters today.
Tracie Fowler welcomed Khadijah Muhammad who is a guest of the club and a potential new member. She also welcomed Mallory Donald, Ben’s wife, Shane Germany who is a guest of Brandon Hodges and Katie Anthony who is a guest of Samantha McCain and a potential new member.
Jaclyn reminded members of the upcoming...
...RYLA nomination deadline. If you know of a rising senior please get with Angela Herzog and complete the application in the near future.
Lynn Walton noted that club members have sold 36 of the 50/50 raffle tickets. The drawing will be held on June 27th so tickets must be sold before that date. Richard Topp was a winner today. He sold all four of his tickets.
Ryan Kelly then introduced today’s guest speaker, Tony Smith, Air Quality Manager for the Mississippi Power Company. Tony’s presentation today is regarding the Piney Woods Land Trust Chapter, an organization he has been involved with since its inception. The Chapter is a member of the Coastal Plans Land Trust but has a goal of achieving its own land trust certification in the coming year.
The Piney Woods chapter was formed when the Mississippi Power plant on the Leaf River in Petal was retired. A group was formed with the intent of protecting the land and the value of the natural ecosystem. The chapter promotes the creation and conservation of open spaces and green places. They also promote conservation through education and with the assistance of community partners.
Land use chapters purchase land, accept land donations and can tailor conservation easements that can be required by a donor. Smith notes that a donating owner can retain certain, specified uses of the property but can’t pass the property on to survivors. The chapters obtain money through grants, private and corporate donations.
Another primary focus of the Piney Woods chapter is the creation of a Blueway on the Bouie and Leaf Rivers. Blueways allow users to traverse the trail using navigable water. Amenities such as picnic areas, exercise stations, camping facilities, etc. can be provided along the blueway. There is currently a 22-mile Blueway in George county, known as the Pascagoula River Blueway. A second blueway is located on the Pascagoula River in Jackson county.
The land trust needs volunteers according to Tony. Volunteers clear walking trails, assist with trail construction and help clean up the waters. They have a number of committees you can serve on and if you don’t have time to donate time, consider getting your company to make a corporate contribution.
To learn more about the Piney Wood Land Trust visit
With no other business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned by Jaclyn with our motto, “Service Above Self”.