Owner: Wes Brooks
Who had a fantastic meeting today? The Rotary Club of Hattiesburg, that's who! Our club was treated to a passionate and eye-opening presentation by Extra Table Executive Director, Raven Tynes. In her presentation, Raven shared startling hunger statistics from the State of Mississippi and the Hattiesburg area. However, she also shared the exciting efforts Extra Table is making to not only ensure far fewer Hattiesburg residents go to bed hungry, but do so having eaten healthy, nutritional foods. At the conclusion of Raven's presentation, Hattiesburg Rotarians were able to surprise Raven with a donation of $700 to supplement Extra Table's efforts. In addition, our membership also brought groceries with them to stock the food banks of the Edwards Street Fellowship. "How much food," you ask? Over 1100 lbs. Let's put that in perspective... OVER HALF A TON!